Friday, 24 April 2015

'Beginnings" - The Love Your Blog Challenge

I was truly baffled by this prompt when I first saw it. For me at the moment there are no "beginnings", I thought, just more of the same, everyday. So I mulled it over.  And then work got in the way again and I didn't put my thoughts down on 'paper' (well, that isn't strictly true, I started writing a few notes but they didn't get as far as the computer).

Thankfully, I can still add this post, so better late than never!

There have in fact been a number of beginnings in recent times.  I was wrong.  I just wasn't looking in the right places.

This project has given me a renewed desire to work on this blog.  Reading other blogs, seeing the ideas popping up on the a playful day blog and spending a little time thinking about where this is going has become something of a new start. I am very grateful to those who took the time to post a comment on the last post. Thank you. It meant so much to me.  Although this last couple of weeks has been difficult, I will try and keep working on this and continue to seek inspiration from the extremely talented people embarking on this project too.

At the start of 2014, I was desperate for a change. I made a decision to do something that I wouldn't normally do and I spontaneously booked a holiday and had an adventure in New York. That time away was a real turning point. It enabled me to decide that from that period onwards, things would change for the better.  They did.  That was a huge, life changing new beginning and I'm still feeling the effects of the decisions I made at that time (and have promised never to eat that much food again!).

There are also smaller little beginnings happening more often.  I'm conscious of the fact that each day is a fresh start. A chance to put the day before out of mind and move on. I recently received a lovely stationary box from the green gables and inside was the card below.  It now sits on my desk.  I thought it was worth remembering and reminding myself to keep looking ahead.

Its not just me.  The garden has been full of activity.  We have a family of blackbirds who use our garden each year to start their family.  They seem to have become very used to us being around and now let me know when they want our assistance with some food.  The lady blackbird came to tell me she was hungry when I got out of the car the other day.  I imagine she had earned her tea.

Finally for now, one of my big decisions last year involved moving more.  So each day I have a very long walk with the hound.  Most days, I see the very beginning of the morning. I recommend it for getting your thoughts in order before the emails start, the phone rings...

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