Friday, 8 August 2014

August Break 2014: Selfie

Day 8: Selfie

This is the one prompt that I didn't know whether to follow. There were two reasons for my nervousness.  Firstly, I'm reluctant to put any pictures of me on this blog.  Secondly, I like taking photos, not being in front of the camera. 

I don't take a good selfie.  However I've seen some beautiful ones today and I felt that I didn't want to miss a day of this project.  So i'm putting my reservations to one side, at least in part.

I've had a day working at home which means no make up, wild hair, clothes that I can really only stay in the house in.  Not ideal selfie material.

I had a look through my photos and found this.  It's one of my favourites.  We went for a walk in the rain.  We are both wet through on the photo.  One of us looks lovely.  The other looks wet and is hiding at the back!


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