Sunday, 3 August 2014

August Break 2014: Pattern

Day 2: Pattern 

I'm skipping day one as it's been and gone.  I'm not really a lunch kind of girl anyway!  It's usually nothing more exciting than a coffee and an emergency banana*.

Pattern - I've blogged previously about a piece of knitting that I was working on by Martina Behm whose work I adore.  It was finished in time for our adventure in New York earlier in the year and I proudly sported it around the city.  It's not just the design, it was the amazing yarn that I used for it, dyed by Danielle in the 'electric watermelon' colourway.  The pattern that it created makes me smile.

Almost impossible to match it to anything.  I love it.

*I've discovered this last week that I'm not the only one with an emergency banana in her handbag.  It's a Barrister thing apparently

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