Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August Break 2014: My Guilty Pleasure

Day 13: My guilty pleasure

I always knew what this one was going to be.  Then I saw what the wonderful Martine had done today.  She knows that I laughed when I saw it.  She and I seem to have a similar approach to this project.  
Or we are both obsessed when it comes to stationary! 

Paper, pens, sticky notes (especially sticky notes!), washi tape, animal shaped paperclips*... 

Anything that I can write on or with, put in my Filofax or make into something. 

Paperchase is probably my favourite store.  

The Flow book of paper came back from our last trip to Holland and the Project Life packs come from America each month.

I think it's an addiction.

*but not giant paperclips *shudders*

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