Saturday, 9 August 2014

August Break 2014: In my bag

Day 9: In my bag

This, dear reader is the main reason why my back aches for much of the time.

This is my everyday bag, a Cath Kidston British Bird print bag.  
It contains:
My ipad in a pink filofax cover which also contains a notebook and a booklet of medical abbreviations.
The brown rabbit filofax, which is my 'project life' filofax.  This contains things about the furrys, this blog, other jobs that I do, stuff for my masters - basically all the good, fun stuff.
My pink spotty pencil case
Hand gel - no trip to Strangeways is complete without it.
My perfume
A herbal tea bag
My Altoids tin, from New York
A blue purse with a monkey, in a helmet, with a banana on it's head.  I keep my cards in there.  It was from Glastonbury.   I liked it because it was weird!
My penguin in a snorkel coin purse, a present from BM when we first got together.  He has always known me so well!
My vegan lip balm
An umbrella. A must for any Manchester handbag.
Water bottle
A reusable bag
fox print make up bag
My 'to do' pouch which contains lots of sticky notes and index tabs, another notebook and my final and most important filofax, in which I record all my main job stuff, to do lists and other things that I need to know everyday.

I haven't bored you with the hairbrush, tissues, headphones, dog biscuits and other stuff that I also drag around.

I don't really do travelling light!

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