Thursday, 14 August 2014

August Break 2014: Hands

Day 14: Hands

Today's prompt was a beautiful picture and email explaining how hands can say so much about a person and their history.

My hands would tell you that they are washed too often.   They would complain that they haven't been well looked after and are still suffering from many years working with wet and cold compost and plants without gloves.  You'd also be able to see, judging by the scar on my left hand, that I can't abseil. 

I couldn't bring myself to photograph them.  Even with my red nail polish on.

BM tells me that the hound doesn't have hands.  She has paws. (Q. "has the dog cut her hand?" A. "she doesn't have hands")  

I call them hands.  

Looking at her "hands" I could sort of see what the author of today's email could see in the human hands.  

You can see on the photo on the bottom right that she also has a scar.  The Dog's Home that she was living in when she decided to adopt us told us that she had an injury when she was found by the dog warden.  It was still healing when she moved in here.  She still flinches if it's touched.  It makes me said to look at it as it's one of a handful of reminders that we have that something horrible happened to her before she came to us.

However, her "hands" do also make me smile.  She's ticklish.  They twitch when she's dreaming.  If I'm blue, she'll put one on my knee or in my hand. 

Holding a hound hand can be as comforting as a human hand.

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