Wednesday, 14 May 2014

One more day

I lost my lovely Harold a couple of months ago.  The little fuzzy face is much missed.

I was worried about Arfur.  He had already lost one companion, Angus.  Harold had been brought in to keep Arfur company when Angus died suddenly, so he was on his own again.  We then agreed to take in two more squeekies, Alf and Dougal, who had been found in a shopping centre stairwell.  They were living at our wonderful vets, but needed a proper home.  So they joined the herd.  Dougal and Arfur have become good friends.

Arfur has been poorly for a couple of years.  He developed tumours which due to their size, location, his age and breathing problems, were inoperable.  It hasn't stopped him having, I hope, a happy little life.

Arfur was rescued along with Angus in 2008.  Both had been mistreated.  Arfur was found in a box in some woods.  He was already an adult pig, possibly two years old.  He was terrified of humans and extremely aggressive.  With lots of patience and care, he learned to trust and became the softest, most gentle boy.  He has lived in my study.  He doesn't live in a cage and has therefore spent everyday sat with me as I work.

A couple of weeks ago, he took a turn for the worse.  He started having seizures and breathing problems.  Our wonderful vet found another tumour, inside his ribs, squashing his lung.  Yet he was still eating, leaving pig egg around the place and always had a squeek for us when he saw us.  

Yesterday he deteriorated.  On advice, I've made the horrible decision to let him go to sleep.  I've never done this before and i'm struggling with it.  He can't now eat and is finding it hard to breath.  He still raises his head when he sees me and is sat next to me now as I write this.  We are having our last day together (under Dougal's supervision) before he leaves me tomorrow.

He has been my almost constant companion for the past six years.  I am heartbroken.  


  1. Desperately, desperately sad to read this. I was so hoping that Arfur would pull through. I wish I had the words to make you feel a little better but I know from experience that nothing really helps but time and the ultimate realisation that you did the best for your beautiful little friend. I hope you will adopt a new furry faced pal soon. We find that giving another lost little soul a home helps to ease the pain.
    Our sincere condolences.
    Peter and Billy.