Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year. Part 2 - looking for light

Last year ended almost as bad as it could.  The week between Christmas and New Year was dreadful. Having started the year with such high hopes I ended it worried, sad and deeply disappointed.  

However even when things seem very, very dark, I am fortunate to have our kid, BM and the furrys around me who bring little sparks of light into the blackest days. 

Before I leave last year completely, BM and I (wisely as it now turns out) had a few days away before Christmas.  We went to Amsterdam.  BM used to live in Holland and loves the country.  It means that I get to see bits of it that are off the usual tourist routes.  It is a beautiful place, when you leave the red light area behind.  At the moment there is a light festival ongoing.  It's stunning and exactly what I needed.  We had a fantastic evening looking at the artworks from the canals.  

My favourite was an ethereal four poster bed, tucked around a dark corner on one of the smaller canals. 

So now, I intend to look forward.  I don't do new year resolutions.  I'll never get to the gym every day. Probably not even every month!  I can't give up cake or chocolate.  Wine is non-negotiable.  I'm not setting myself up to fail!

What I do want to do is to try and put into action some of the plans and ideas that I had when I made my big change last year.   Some little plans and some bigger ones.

The short term plans are these:-

1. Blog more....i know, I know...been here before!
2. Take more pictures.  
3. Study harder.  It's been neglected because of work again.
4. Have more time off.  The most difficult one.
5. Knit more.  It's been way too long.

So I'll see how it goes.  
Happy New Year.  

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