Thursday, 23 January 2014

100 Happy Days

I like a challenge.

I also like taking photos! 

One of my friends had a post on her facebook page yesterday which really intrigued me.  So I wanted to find out more.  The key word which drew me in was 'happy'.  It's a big part of the 2014 plan.  I was curious so I googled it.  This is what I found.

It's an online project which asks you to document, in a single photo, something from your day, for 100 days. Importantly, it's something that has made you happy that day.  It's a brilliant idea.  In the mad chaos of most of my days I have often thought that nothing has made me smile all day.  I'm sure that's not right, it's just that I've been too busy to think about it.  

This inspires you to find something, just a moment in a hectic day, that made you happy.  It aims to change your perspective, to enable you to gradually alter your outlook to find and appreciate the good things in life.  It's like they could read my mind.
It's easy to do.  Go to and sign up.  You then pick your favourite platform for displaying your photographs.  You can keep it private or go public.  Use your own hashtag or the public #100happydays one.  Then take your photos and upload them.  Easy and takes no time at all.  No excuse really!  

At the end of the project, you receive a little 100 page booklet which documents your 100 happy days.

I've decided to upload mine to instagram.  Click on the link on the side of the blog if you want to see what tickled me each day.

The first one was obvious...

It's impossible not to be cheered by an upended doglet!

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  1. yep agreed, daisy is my happy moment of today too - great pic xxx