Saturday, 2 November 2013

Blog every day in November

I'm setting myself a challenge

 It's not started too brilliantly as i've missed the first day!  Ho hum.

i've come to this through this lovely lady

She has no idea how much of an inspiration and support she is to me.  

These may not be the longest of posts.  The next couple of weeks are going to be trying.  I suppose i'm hoping that having this to focus on will help.

Today's topic is "something i've made".  

I like making things.  I don't have enough time to knit all the things or bake all the cakes, but when I can, it makes me very happy.

I also forget, often, to take a photo of what i've made.  I get too excited about actually finishing something that recording it slips my mind.

Sometimes I remember.  


  1. The hedgehog is adorable, I wish I knew how to knit.


    1. Thanks Hannah. i was quite proud of it!
      The pattern comes from the lovely and its fairly straightforward if you do get the chance to learn. I'm almost entirely self-taught, with a little help from some classes at my local yarn shop. x

  2. eeeekkkk that's me ::)
    eeeekkkk that hedgie is the cutest..
    so glad you have joined my lovely pal - now i have someone who can give me a swift kick up the backside if i start flagging xxxxx

    1. I failed! Where was my kick up the backside?! ;)