Sunday, 13 October 2013

Here come the boys!

There are two little souls who are not as happy as I am to see Autumn.

These are our house pigs.  Both were rescued by kind members of the public from the horrible conditions that they were in.  They then came home with me.

They spend summer days roaming around the garden.  They love a spot of grass chewing and sunbathing.  It's too cold and damp for them to be outside now.  They have to make do with running around the house.

This is Arfur.  He's about 7 years old.  An elderly gentleman who loves to be cuddled.  He often sits on my desk when I work.  

This is Harold.  A little younger at about 5 years old.   A cheeky chap who likes to wind the dog up, when he gets the opportunity to.

Harold and Arfur are famous.  The wonderful Joe drew the two of them and put them both into one of his fabulous cartoons.  I feel very lucky to own a comic book that Joe designed which features my boys.

These two are the reason why I love animals more than humans.

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