Saturday, 17 August 2013


For the past two weeks i've been undertaking some training for my new venture.  From September i'll be teaching criminal litigation.  I'll be combining this with my criminal practice. It's all very exciting.

By far the most enjoyable part of the process to date has been meeting my new colleagues.  Spending time with these two brilliant ladies has been fantastic and i'm sure we'll make a great team.  

We've undertaken a little extra curricular training / bonding / setting the world to rights of our own over a few glasses of wine.  It's been ages since i've been able to sit in a beer garden with fantastic company, enjoying the sunshine and chatting.  I really am very much looking forward to many more days with these lovely girls.

Over the past ten years or so, i've really let myself go.  Having been mad keen on sport, walking and eating well, the many late nights, early mornings and weekends that I have put into making my career a success have resulted in this moley becoming a bit of a tubby.  It's made me sad, particularly the lack of energy and enthusiasm that comes with being unhealthy.  

Part of my plan for my new life involves getting fit again.  It's a slow process, not helped by the fact that as soon as I began to ease off work, I needed a wisdom tooth out (painkillers and anaesthetic make me ill) and I did my back in!  However i'm on the mend now and getting there with the P.E.  I'm swimming again and eagerly looking for other activities that I can fill my time with.  

Houndy and I are going for longer and longer walks in the countryside.

My diet is starting to improve.  Sometimes.

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