Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A weekend off

Those who know me know that I don't do time off.  It's not for want of trying.  It just seems that every time I try, the phone rings or an urgent piece of work needs doing.  If it's not that, then I'm worrying so much about work that its easier just to get on with it than try to switch off and ignore it.  I've never managed a holiday or so much as a day off that hasn't been disturbed by work.  Even BM's attempts to lock my phone in the hotel safe on our last attempt at a holiday didn't stop it!

Anyway, it finally happened.  I had a weekend off!  It sounds silly but this was a huge achievement for me.  It was obviously meant to be as the sun shone for most of it.

However, it didn't start too well.  Madam Woofington decided that as I usually get up at 5am, Saturday was to be no different.  She had me pinned to the bed by 5.30 and jumped up and down until I took her out.  I gave up on any chance of a lie in and got up.  She repeated this performance on Sunday too (but Monday morning, fast asleep until 7am....how does she know?!)

Later we had a drive to Hebden Bridge.  I love it there.  It's pretty, peaceful, has a wonderful vegan bakery and a canalside pub which is dog friendly.  BM also points out that it has a comic bookshop, which every good place needs. Apparently.

On the way there we were able to take advantage of our recent discovery - that our doglet likes to have the roof down on the car.  Much to the amusement (and probably distraction) of other drivers, we can strap her in the back but she'll turn and smile at other drivers as we go past.  She loves it.  It also seems to have cured her travel sickness.


Much to my great joy, I've also recently discovered that in addition to Ribbon Circusmy favourite ribbon, wool and tranklements shop (a BM/Yorkshire word that I am told means "bits and pieces" or "precious possessions"), there is another yarn shop, Attica Yarns stocking amongst other things, lots and lots of British breeds wool and Rowan.  *happy face*.  I've missed this shop on previous visits, but I'm so very glad that I've now found it.

I'll save my love of all things knitted for another day....

This man with the sign below was giving free hugs in the centre of the village.  Despite initially thinking it was a nice thing to do, I did change my view having watched the reaction of BM, who was horrified that parents were letting a stranger with a sign cuddle their children.  I think he may have been a little jealous as there were some lovely ladies taking the chap up on his offer.  BM has decided that he and his friend will be taking a sign out with them on their next lads night out.  Good luck with that!

Sunday was one of those days that I've been dreaming about.  Chilled out and relaxing.   My early morning wake up call from the furry boss meant that we had a long walk before the rain.  We then visited the local Sunday market and bought some delicious cake.  Apparently it's the law on Sundays off.  We later watched telly and I knitted.  We took our kid out for a curry and finished the day with the final episode of 'Les Revenants'.  I've been trying to work out what that was all about ever since!  

I'm looking forward to a bottle of wine with a lovely lady who is fluent in French who I am hoping will be able to explain it all to me when she gets back from her holiday!

My conclusion - I could get used to weekends off.  I plan on doing it again soon!

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